Angry & Broke

Angry & Broke


Angry & Broke has a song called So Rich.

They describe themselves as Hardcore / Punk, and So Rich certainly has punk attitudes shouting discontentment at the rich. This is the kind of band you often encounter in Baltimore or Washington D.C. Punk rock is doing well in this part of the country.

Angry & Broke cites “loud fast pissed off music” as their influence and they are interested in bringing danger back to punk rock. However, they also say they started their band with the intention of not involving politics at all. It seems unavoidable in some of their lyrics though. The Baltimore scene is surrounded with politics.

The pictures from these guys’ live shows are intense. This kind of music is always better live. If you have the opportunity, you should go see them. In fact, if possible, don’t listen to them online first. Just go to a show, and decide there what you think of this band. That is how music once was, and that is how bands with little recording technology or money can still impress you. Angry & Broke are probably low on recording funds.

These guys are very nice as well. I noticed where they consistently and occasionally individually thank fans for coming to their shows. They tell people that it was their presence that made certain shows better than others. Not enough of the Baltimore based bands do this.

If at all possible, if you like Baltimore based punk rock, you should see this band.