“Pleasantries” finishes up the album really well.

Don’t lose your cool. That’s the most solid advice I’ve heard in quite a while. Stay calm. Keep dreaming. Whatever you do, don’t lose your cool. That’s the name of Diamond’s seven track album on Bandcamp, and it’s really good alt rock from Baltimore.

“Sunburn” is catchy, and this could totally be on the radio. He sings about the importance of time, another super solid bit of advice. All you need is time! This is exactly what I think of when I think of alternative rock, but the lyrics and song ideas are way more meaningful.

“Don’t’ Lose Your Cool” is a forty-one second track of harmonies and lyrics about keeping calm and remembering that nothing really needs to be taken that seriously. This is a great track. Individually, it’s probably my favorite part of the album even though it’s so short and sparse.

“Pleasantries” finishes up the album really well. It seems pretty emotional, and the music really swings. Then there’s a totally sick guitar solo right in the middle of the song. There aren’t enough guitar solos nowadays. After it, the tempo picks up and the song goes full force for a couple minutes until it blows out and completes the album with some nice clean chords.

I can’t tell how often diamond plays shows, but if you hear about one going on, go see them. If not, you can get their great album on Bandcamp for free. It comes with some really great album art of the coolest looking dog in Maryland.