The Little Creatures

The Little Creatures

“Kingdoms Crumble” is the first of the four tracks, and it’s really exciting.

This is very good! The Little Creatures’ “The Little Creatures EP” is full of awesome sounds including heavily processed vocals. They performed, programmed, recorded, and mixed everything on all four of these tracks themselves. It was released in October 2011, and written by Nenner and Potts.

“Kingdoms Crumble” is the first of the four tracks, and it’s really exciting. I could easily see myself riding my bike around town listening to this and thinking that I was the king of the world. I could also see myself thinking that I was a part of a society which was constantly breaking itself down. I haven’t really thought about these lyrics, but the music says a lot about itself. There’s a lot of variety here too. This song changes up quite a bit after about two and a half minutes. I love those electric saw sounds.

“Paradigm A Dozen.” What a great song name! This one starts with some really cool distorted spoken word and then chills out into a very midtempo trip out song. I’m sitting here listening to this, and I absolutely don’t want to do anything else. It makes me just want to listen. I really love the effects on these vocals.

Go check these songs out. They’re on The Little Creatures’ Bandcamp page at name your price. So go there and name your price! That includes free! But give them some money if you have it to give. Every artist needs some money to keep the works coming.