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Time Columns

Alright Baltimore! This band is sick! Excellent work! Time Column's seven song album “Mana” on Bandcamp is really solid. They’re calling it instrumental post-rock, but it’s really way more interesting than that. I’m not a huge fan of post-rock, probably because of Explosions In The Sky, but these guys are giving the term a much better reputation. These songs hit way harder than you’d expect, and I love it. The intricate parts are really intricate, and the heavy parts are really heavy.

The first track, “Salvo”, starts out with some nice beach sounds and eventually gets really heavy and complex. The guitars are doing really interesting things rhythmically. I’m glad to see that “math rock” tag. This drumming is exactly what I think of when I hear somebody mention that genre.

The album artwork here is really beautiful too. It’s a really clean drawing that almost looks like it could’ve been from a video game art book, and the color on it is textured wonderfully.

The second track, “Lights At Rendlesham” is really solid as well. The guitar starts it out, but those math rock drums join in pretty quickly and make things really interesting. I do love those guitars too though, no hard feelings meant here.

You should definitely check out Time Columns if you like instrumental music involving drums, electric guitars, bass guitars, synthesizers, and sound effects! These guys are doing a great job! Quite honestly, I’m surprised to see something this impressive in this genre coming from Baltimore. Keep up the good work!