December 2011

Small Sur

"This guy has the thickest beard I’ve seen in a long time."

 “In the woods I will find what I seek.” That’s the first thing I heard from Small Sur, and it was love at first impression. This band is low-key, sincere, outdoor rock. Too many bands romanticize Big Sur, but the name Small Sur is perfectly humble. Small Sur’s music sounds great, says great things, and takes you to great places as you listen.

Strum The Fox


Strum The Fox is an instrumental band composed of an electric violin, an electric guitar, and a ridiculously large drum set. I began to count the number of cymbals this guy has and quickly became confused. They’ve had tons of extremely great press reviews though, so they’re obviously doing something right.

Artist Review: Yeveto

You can buy their album through BandCamp, iTunes, or Amazon, and I highly recommend it.

Yeveto is a name which demands a creative backing. This band does not let you down. The first track on their BandCamp is called “Remote Unelectrified Villages” and sounds exactly like it should be by a band called Yeveto.

Soft Cat

"Bands like Soft Cat are usually full of the coolest people to hang out with."

Soft Cat describes their sound as Reggae / Reggaeton / Regional Mexican and uses Myspace as their primary outlet for exposure. Nonetheless, this is an absolutely beautiful band. Their genre on the more reasonable Facebook profile is aptly listed as "sincerity".

Golden West Cafe

"If you’re passing through Baltimore looking for a place to find local music or local food, check out Golden West Café."

The Golden West Café in Baltimore is vegan friendly, serves organic, locally grown foods, and hosts local music. Located at 1105 west 36th Street, this café is “happy to provide you with specials form the kitchen and bar.

The Sterling Sisters - 'Raised You in the West'

Not content to let contemporary Americana lie where it's landed--in a fun, retrospective, but ultimately repetitive niche within the indie landscape--The Sterling Sisters came along with perhaps the most interesting take on the genre since Jason Molina arrived on the scene. Their new self-titled EP threads huge avant-garde moves into traditional country romps. They've tagged it "neo-folk"; whatever it is, it's certainly weird and exciting.