February 2012

The Sterling Sisters

One time, I went to Chicago and watched some Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins impersonators. They played a western song at one point where a woman came out and basically sang opera while the other guys played normal western stuff. It was amazing, and I’ve totally found nothing like it since then except for Baltimore’s The Sterling Sisters.

The Eternal Twilight & The Sound of Rescue - 'Under the Starlit Sky'

Two post-rock outfits--one Baltimore-based, one from the UK--have joined forces on this dreamy instrumental single. Comes in drone flavor and also regular. 

The Little Creatures

“Kingdoms Crumble” is the first of the four tracks, and it’s really exciting.

This is very good! The Little Creatures’ “The Little Creatures EP” is full of awesome sounds including heavily processed vocals. They performed, programmed, recorded, and mixed everything on all four of these tracks themselves. It was released in October 2011, and written by Nenner and Potts.

Feast of the Epiphany - 'Solitude III'

To call this 'ambient' would be something of a disservice, I think. FotE conjures noisy, analog soundscapes, but not the kind you can just let hover in the background. The electronic drone demands its own share of attention as it twists into strange, sculptural forms.


“Pleasantries” finishes up the album really well.

Don’t lose your cool. That’s the most solid advice I’ve heard in quite a while. Stay calm. Keep dreaming. Whatever you do, don’t lose your cool. That’s the name of Diamond’s seven track album on Bandcamp, and it’s really good alt rock from Baltimore.