March 2012

Lands & Peoples - 'Ghosts'

Post-pop? Cream-pop? Sci-fi? Whatever it is, it sounds great to me. The wailing, jangly chorus ought to give you chills in special places. 

Time Columns

Alright Baltimore! This band is sick! Excellent work! Time Column's seven song album “Mana” on Bandcamp is really solid. They’re calling it instrumental post-rock, but it’s really way more interesting than that. I’m not a huge fan of post-rock, probably because of Explosions In The Sky, but these guys are giving the term a much better reputation. These songs hit way harder than you’d expect, and I love it. The intricate parts are really intricate, and the heavy parts are really heavy.

Tripp Kramer - 'Ate My Soul'

If James Blake enjoyed guitars a little more, it might sound something like this.